About Us

StartFreeNow through Umbrellarz Limited started as a God given dream over 52 years ago.

Humble Beginnings

Stuart Clark CEO Managing Director didn’t know anything about this dream at this time because he was just a small child. However God had a plan for his life, as you will see.

Constant Rejection

As the youngest child Stuart knew deep down his mum so desperately wanted to have another girl. Stuart grew up feeling guilty he was born a boy.

His Dad explained to Stuart that he was a ‘mistake’ because he was an unplanned child and constantly reminded Stuart in his early years that he was either a “Smart Arse or “Stupid.”

Every year Stuart’s school report reminded him that he was not good enough. Stuart must try harder! 

Life after Death and Destruction

In his late twenties his mum died of cancer, his Gran from old age. Stuart’s dad died from a heart attack and his sister committed suicide. All within four years.

Since then things went further downhill. He acknowledges his business failures and was saddened to see the mental suffering his wife had with depression. His wife was later diagnosed with Bi-Polar and after twenty good years together his wife died in 2019.

Stuart has worked multiple jobs in the past including six years as a Civil Servant, he has also gone through bankruptcy, been evicted and made homeless. Stuart also lived repeatedly on government benefits to look after his wife and also struggled with depression himself. More recently Stuart suffered with intense back pain from a bulging disc in his lower back.

He remembers, being alone in a room just a few years ago and prayed repeatedly with heart-felt tears “I AM BROKE AND I AM BROKEN!”

We understand many of you may have either experienced worse things or had a better beginning. It still upsets Stuart to share his story, but he needed to do this for two specific reasons.

Change the story

Stuart says: “Sometime in our lives, in order to move forward, we have to change the story we tell ourselves and share with others. Especially about our past or current circumstances. At some point we need to live with a bright hope for the future. To focus on that hope and start making daily decisions. Taking small steps of faith every day towards our hope with the promise of a better future. To stop making excuses. To stop taking advice from people who do not have the same God-given dream as you and surround yourself with people who do. We must take full responsibility to do our part the best we can, and let God do his part.”

Get Back Up

The second reason is to help just one person who feels hopeless like I did a few years ago. That they can keep getting back up UNTIL one day they too experience a new hope and a future. To achieve an expected end. To hear a heart felt “Well Done! and receive eternal heavenly joy. Who’s with me?

Today is the day

Today, Stuart is alive and well. He is so thankful he is even grateful for his next breath. He now says, “I have forgiven my mother and father and I am truely grateful for all the good things they did for me. I keep all the positive and happy memories of the good times with my wife and appreciate the twenty good years we shared together. I’m having a good relationship with my son. I enjoy time with a few good friends too. My back is completely healed. I am also happy to be back in business again with ONE cause: To be a positive impact in the lives of others (Yes, You too!) All under our one umbrella. Praise God!”

Start Free Now is for You!

Our global community hope and pray for you all. Together we are able to do much more than we could alone and we will do the best we can for you to have a new hope and a bright future too. As Start Free Now was created just for you!“

If you are looking for a like-minded positive and caring community where you can start to hope again or desire to support others to help them find hope. I recommend you join our community as a brand ambassador. You can join for free today!


A few years ago when I was homeless I decided I would one day create something that if someone would have offered me a simple solution rather than just claiming government benefits I would have run with this!

However, don’t just take my word for it see for yourself as you will not be disappointed! Believe me, this is no scam just a real company inspiring real people.

I understand this is not for everybody. However, if there is someone on your heart right now who this could help. Please share. Thank you and God bless!